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The future depends onwhat you do in the present.
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All of us need help from time to time to see ourselves more clearly, and to develop new ways of living fuller, more satisfying lives. My focus is on improving how you navigate life's challenges, transitions, and relationships~ with yourself, and with others. 

Therapy is first and foremost about the relationship with the therapist. Our initial focus will be to create a safe place where you can tell your story, feel heard and understood, and have a time-out from daily life to sort out any conflicting thoughts and feelings. Once the therapeutic relationship has been established, it is easier to uncover the barriers that are getting in the way of your happiness, success and well-being.  

Seeking counseling is an important decision, and it is desirable to select a skilled clinician with whom you find a natural connection. I offer a free phone consultation to help establish your comfort level in setting up an initial meeting. During this conversation, you can determine if our work together seems comfortable and beneficial. Click on the contact me or the appointment request link. There you will find details about how you can reach me to schedule the free consultation or to schedule an appointment.

I also invite you to explore this site and take advantage of the many books and apps available in resources.  I am looking forward to working together with you in your journey toward attaining better self-understanding, improving relationships, developing new skills, and creating balance and harmony.  

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